About Me

Here’s a little biography from the start of Juliandfriends

Who am I?

I'm Juli Wagner, 14 years old! A girl who loves to make this life a BIG Party, positivity is her main focus and I love everything that has to do with color! 🌈 In 2021 I started selling my own designed Cards to make my dream of a Service Dog a reality! 🐕‍🦺 And that just worked! I am now a proud dog mom of my Service Dog (in training) Dex! I’m still so incredibly grateful to all those people who helped me to make my dream come true! 🤩

Welcome Dex

And then came Dex!! The Service Dog I dreamed of as a child! ✨ I & Dex have been great Buddies from the first time and we had so many adventures now! 🌍 And I can't wait to live my own life with Dex! 🌈

Welcome Dex Card

Future plans

I have many plans for my future. One of them is to make Juliandfriends to a big company! ✨ So stay tuned for more cool stuff! 🌈

Ticket Card Here